May 22, 2009


Rebekah, originally uploaded by The Spot Crew.

I absolutely love this portrait of my wife. Still learning and setting up my studio. Might do some shots of the kids for school this weekend.

Stop playing with your iPhone!

My wife loves her iPhone. So this is to torture her. Beside, I'm jealous because I have to use a Blackberry.

May 21, 2009

Testing mobile blog settings

Tangled Twins

Tangled Twins, originally uploaded by The Spot Crew.

First great storm of the season. This one was really fun since the sunset was visible during the storm. The conditions created some great colors. I really like the "flare" effect where the bolts change directions. This is my favorite so far this year.

Photography Blog

This is my new place to display my photography and to voice what's on my mind related to my hobby. Mostly, you will see my photos from Flickr and a few other selected posts. Hope you enjoy.