December 17, 2015

Review by Reflecting on the Past...

I know I've been away from blogging for a while.  Sadly, I also stopped creating new images for a longtime as well.  I hope that won't happen again!  

I though it would be good to go back to my roots in sharing some insights on how I have developed as a photographer over the years.  While I'm sure there are many much more talented photographers out there, I find it useful to share my experiences to help other learn and also to help me continue to develop.  That is what is behind my post for today.

I think it's good from time to time to revisit some of your old work to see how you have grown and improved as a photographer.  Can see a difference in how you frame the subject?  How do you see the lighting and shadows? Has your eye changed on white balance, vibrancy, or saturation?  Has your interest in in subjects changed?  How will I view the images I'm creating today in 5 years or 10 years?  How has imaging technology and workflows changed my process or images?  Take some time to look back at some of your old work... if nothing else you will hopefully see that you have improved as a photographer.  Use that as motivation to continue to improve.