March 28, 2010

Tessa Wide Angle Lens

Playing around with my new wide angle lens.

March 27, 2010

Big Drifts!

Here is a picture of the drifts from our second March winter storm
this week. Tuesday is predicted to be in the 70s. Welcome to Colorado!

March 25, 2010

Play time

This is a shot of some young kids playing with leaves over a vent at
the Colorado school of mines. This was during our two day assembly.
It's always a blast to look at children playing and having fun. I
think we should all take some time to play each day.

My new 4x4 (I wish!)

This guy is serious about 4 wheel drive! I wonder how much it costs
to replace those tires.

Long Time, No Post

I haven't posted to my blog for over a month.  WOW!  Things have been crazy lately.  I hope to post some new pics soon.

Yesterday we got slammed by a strong spring storm which is fairly common in Colorado.

Because of the storm my order of my new photography equipment was delayed:
"Delivery of your package may be delayed due to weather conditions or an unforeseen natural event. UPS will deliver the package as soon as possible. We apologize for this potential delay and appreciate your patience."

I'm getting a couple new lenses, so I should have some pictures as I start learning the characteristics of each lens. So stay tuned.