April 24, 2010

Don't Jump!

Don't Jump!, originally uploaded by Big Mike's Photography.

"I'm gonna Jump!"

Harbor Seals

Harbor Seals, originally uploaded by Big Mike's Photography.

I could have sat and watched these guys all day long.

La Jolla Harbor Seals

Harbor seals are protected from being harmed or harassed by federal law.

Sunnin' Seals

Sunnin' Seals, originally uploaded by Big Mike's Photography.

Harbor seals enjoying the sun.

Hanging Hottentot Fig

Hottentot Fig hanging from the ledge above.

La Jolla California

Another shot of Children's Pool Beach.

Children's Pool Beach 2

More of Children's Pool Beach in La Jolla.

Children's Pool Beach

Children's Pool Beach was originally intended as a sheltered spot for kids to enjoy saltwater swimming, the beach at Children's Pool is today more often occupied by seals and sea lions enjoying the sand that has filled the area.

Hottentot Fig 3

This one is my favorite of my Hottentot Fig shots.

Hottentot Fig 2

More Hottentot Fig.

Hottentot Fig

In the early 1900s C. edulis was brought to California from South Africa to stabilize soil along railroad tracks and was later put to use by Caltrans for similar purposes. Thousands of acres were planted in California until the 1970s. It easily spreads by seed (hundreds per fruit) and from segmentation (any shoot segment can produce roots). Its succulent foliage, bright magenta or yellow flowers, and resistance to some harsh coastal climatic conditions (salt) have also made it a favored garden plant. The Ice Plant was for several decades widely promoted as an ornamental plant, and it is still available at some nurseries. Ice Plant foliage can turn a vibrant red to yellow in color.

La Jolla

Shots from my trip to San Diego. I love the ocean!

April 19, 2010

Old Dodge Truck

Old Dodge Truck, originally uploaded by Big Mike's Photography.

Dodge farm truck.

Old Dodge Truck BW

Monochrome shot of an old Dodge farm truck.

Farm Truck BW

Farm Truck BW, originally uploaded by Big Mike's Photography.

Old Dodge farm truck parked not far from our house.

April 15, 2010

2010 Denver Auto Show 18

Nice Mustang!

2010 Denver Auto Show 15

This was my favorite car of the show!

2010 Denver Auto Show 14

1974 Pantera

2010 Denver Auto Show 12

2010 Denver Auto Show 11

2010 Denver Auto Show 10

2010 Denver Auto Show 9

Custom Mustang GT.

2010 Denver Auto Show 7

2010 Jeep Rubicon

2010 Denver Auto Show 6

2010 Dodge Viper.

2010 Denver Auto Show 2

2010 Camaro Transformers edition.

2010 Denver Auto Show 1

Big blue bear peeking in the window of the Denver Convention Center.

April 13, 2010

1-2-3 Jump!

1-2-3 Jump!, originally uploaded by Big Mike's Photography.

Caught this little guy in mid-air yesterday in Near Children's Pool Beach.