July 15, 2010

It's Not About The Camera!

    I cannot stand it when people say, "You must have a nice camera!"  To me it's a little like saying that a writer has a great pencil, or a musician has a great instrument.  This really ignores the fact that a great camera can take bad pictures in the wrong hands.  If you never take it off the automatic modes or refuse to spend some time post processing you will never get stunning results.  True, the right tools help make the job easier. But the tool does not define the artist.
    Take, for example, the picture below.  I admit, this isn't the greatest of images.  However, most people would be amazed to find out it was taken with a iPhone (3GS not 4 which has a much better camera).  Don't get hung up on gear!  Some of the most beautiful images I have seen have come from a cheap camera. 

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